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Meanwhile, the global need for more bicycles in the developing world is huge, an estimated 80.000.000 bicycles are required. No matter how small our contribution might seem in the context of these figures, we are committed to our promise and convinced that each and every bicycle counts.

Let us support that statement with some facts:

“An extra year of education increases a girls’ income by 10 to 20 % and is a significant step on the road to breaking the cycle of poverty. Educated girls mean the chance of a better life for themselves and their children, a more prosperous community, a better workforce and a wealthier nation.”  // Plan, UK

“A basic education has a general preventative impact: it can inform children and youth and equip them to make decisions concerning their own lives, bring about long-term behavioural change, and give them the opportunity for economic independence – all fundamental to prevention, and therefore to hope.”
// the World Bank

The donation bike, the Buffalo Bicycle, designed by World Bicycle Relief, isn’t your typical bike. While most of the world’s bicycles are lightweight, complex and made for recreation, the Buffalo is designed to meet the pressing needs of people in rural regions of developing countries. Together with industry leaders there’s a commitment to creating a stronger, simpler, and sustainable bicycle that can withstand harsh rural conditions.

The amazing thing is that you – on a One for One basis – can bring that hope of a brighter future to a young schoolgirl, simply by buying a Vélosophy bicycle.

So, the next time you are considering buying a bicycle, consider the impact of a bicycle in a developing country.

One for One, we pay it forward. Supporting World Bicycle Relief.

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